Flyboys KneepadOne of the things you might want to bring while flying the Decathlon is a kneeboard. A kneeboard is a good tool when you want to have airport information readily available, for having a place for your pen and paper and so on. Most kneeboards are however a bit in your way when you fly an airplane with a stick and they might not hold on to things as good as you want them to when you fly inverted.

That’s not a problem with the Flyboys kneeboard. It might be a slightly bigger investment than most kneeboards, but the quality and features more than justify the added cost. This kneeboard actually stays where it is supposed to. It has a strap that will hold on to your papers when you are upside down. It has a pocket for spare batteries and other small stuff and it has eyelets that can be used to attach checklist and manuals.

Don’t leave home without it…